offroad 4x4

4x4 Offroad adventure in Macedonia, an Offroad expedition in the Balkan

on the trail of Alexander the Great


A great way to see the whole country

we will use mainly Off-Road tracks to do so.


-- date; on request --


(For people with OffRoad experience only)

Macedonia has plenty to offer for the outdoor adventurer.


Few of these lies for the taking, a 4x4 is the ultimate way to explore the geographically diverse terrain.


The absence of large-scale commercial tourism makes it the perfect place to leave stress behind you.



Macedonia is 80% mountainous.


The terrain is very varied and it appears that you drive through various countries.


The eastern part of Macedonia is ideal for a 4x4 drive because of the large amount of off-road routes through the mountains. A real Mecca for your 4x4 driving where the roads quickly go from simple to the real off-roading. Off-road trails incorporate; lakes, reservoirs, shallow crossings, rocks, and if the weather does not cooperate, mud on the lower roads.

day 1


Arrival Skopje

where we will enjoy dinner in a traditional restaurant.


day 2

Walk in the old part of Skopje or a boottrip on LakeMatka with a visit to the caves.

Hereafter we drive through the remote mountain village of Gurgurnica along the Kozjak lake to the national park Mavrovo.



day 3


In the morning a short walk to the Rostuse waterfall e and a visit to the monastery Sv Jovan Bigorski

We drive all day through the National Park Mavrovo.


Then we drive over the mountains to Ohrid.

day 4


Morningwalk in old parts of Ohrid.


Through the National Park "Galicica" we drive to the fishing village Stenje on LakePrespa.

day 5


We drive to the fishing village Konjsko from which we will take a fishing boat to the island "Golum Grad”.


It includes ancient ruins from Roman, Neolithic, and Hellenic times.

It also includes ruins of six churches and monasteries. Apart from the preserved church of St. Peter, the attention is drawn by the medieval church dedicated to St. Demetrius, as well as the early Christian basilica from the end of the 4th and the beginning of the 5th century, where remnants of a floor mosaic have been found.

day 6


In the Mariovo area we wil drive to the Kajmakčalan Peak (2,524 m). A very remote place where heavy fighting

took place during WW I

We'LL camp on the lower part of the mountain

day 7


A full day OffroadDriving true the Mariovo area and remote villages

We'LL camp at a small Lake


day 8


From here we drive to prilep where we will visit the monastery Treskavec on top the mountain Slato.

Through the Pelogonija valley we will drive to the monastry Zrze from where we will go over the mountain to the Cheples mountainhut

day 9


From Bogomila we ride to the mountainhut Karadica.

and sleep in a Hotel 1,5h away from mountainhut


day 10


From Karadica mountain we return Offroad to Skopje.





€ 679,-- pp (10 days)


If you want to see Macedonia Off-Road but not in your own 4x4, you can Rent a JEEP, or ride with me. Naturally, these places are limited.



The price includes;


* 8 nights in Mountainhuts, apartments, camp, wildcamp.


* English speaking guide.




· The price does not include any incidental expenses: insurance, fuel, toll, telephone, room service, food and snacks, refreshments, travel expenses to and from Macedonia.


(We recommend to travel through Hungaria)



The routes are for standard 4x4.


(Maximum 10 vehicles for safety reasons)


We recommend the use of AT tires.


We accept large Vehicles like Unimog, only as groups




If you have little or no experience with off-road driving, we recommend for your n safety a Vehicle control course.

For this you can contact a regional or national 4x4/off-road club.