15 days trekking

Macedonia has a wealth to offer for the outdoor and historic adventurer. But little of it is easy to find.

The lack of commercial tourism makes it a perfect place to get away from it all.

Macedonia is a small but diverse country. 80% of the country is mountainous and Hiking or 4x4 is the ultimate way to discover this geographically diverse terrain




15 days trekking over the mountain ridges, to MountainPeaks


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Only a part of the trip you will walk with bagpack


€ 785,-- pp (excl. Flight)

Englisch speaking groupsleader


1 day


arrival Skopje


We will leave to the National park Mavrovo where we will have dinner.


Close to the mountain Korab we will sleep in tents (optional: Hotel reservation)


2 day


Korab (2764m)


Althoug it is the highest mountain in Macedonia it is not a very hard one to climb.


But from the start, the trail is on an incline almost all 4 hours to the peak.


(total 7½ till 9 hours)

3 day


In the morning we will visit the Bigorski monastery and have a short walk to the Magnificent Duff waterfall


In the afternoon we will have a walk in the old town of Ohrid , where we also spend the night.

4 day


This morning we will have a short stop at the Sv. Naum Monastry and in the afternoon we will have a short 4 hour climb at the GalicicaNational park. From the highest pointon Galičica, Magaro (2275m), we can see both lakes. The night we will spend in the small fishing village Kojnsko.

5 day


From the village Konjsko we will go by small boot to the uninhabited island Golem Grad. Pelicans are abundant near the island and can sometimes be seen in large groups.


As a natural rarity the island Golem Grad has an area of about 2 km². It is known as an archealogical site with remains of dwelling houses, 2 churches and necropolises.


This night we sleep a Basic mountainhut 2½ hours walking from the town (optional)

6 day


we will have a 7/9 hours hiking trip in the PelisterNational Park sits beside Macedonia’s southern border with Greece, running along the BabaMountain (the third-highest in Macedonia). The park is also rich in springs, streams, rivers and contains two glacial lakes. On the biggest lake (2218m) is a (Basic) mountainhut

where we will spend the night.

7 day


From the big lake we will walk in 2½ hour to the peak of Pelister 2601m. From here down the Rocky Trail (5 to 6 hour)

, that is characterized by lush, well-watered forests. The Molika pine is an endemic species, which is rarely found in other areas.


Pelister has a unique geological formations, which include layers of Paleozoic and Mesozoic magma rock and layers of quartz. The core of the mountain is made of granite some 465 million years old. (8 Hours)


From the Pelister we will return to Bitola.

8 day


Through the national park Pelister we will walk from a village near to Bitola to the picturesque mountain village Brajčino near the prespa lake. A 7 to 9 hour walk.


(Or you can stay in Bitola to visit the town)

9 day


In themorning we visit the archeological site Ήeraklea in Bitola.


In the afternoon we will go to Prilep, Where we will have dinner in a traditional Restaurant. From here we will walk 2½ hours monastery Treskavec, On Slato (golden) mountain, were we will spend the night.

10 day


From the monastry Treskavec we will walk back into the direction of Prilep to visit the fortres Markuvi Kuli.


After a train will take us to Bogamila. In the next village we will eat in a Fishrestaurant and follow 2½ hour the trail up the the (Basic) Mountainhut Cheples (1450m).

11 day


From the Mountainhut we will have a 4 hour hike to Solunska Glava 2540m. Down to the ˝Begovo˝ Pole Plateau to the the (Basic) mountainhut karadica, 5 to 6 hours


or we can pass the Salakovo Lakes. Through forest and meadows we’ll reach the (Basic) mountainhut karadica, (1450m). (total of 11/12 hours)

12 day


In the afternoon, a short walk to Hotel prince to relax the rest of the day

13 day


From the mountainhut karadica, several trails lead into the direction of Skopje.


Depending on the group, we can choose between a 5 hour or 8 hour trail.

14 day


After a 1½ hour walk we will take a bootride on the Matka lake to visit the Vrelo cave.



15 day


Departure from the Skopje airport


The price includes;


* 12 nights in Mountainhuts, apartments, camp, wildcamp.

(does not include first and last night in Skopje, because most people like to choice the hotel here themself))


* English speaking groupLeader.




·The price does not include any incidental expenses: insurance, fuel, toll, telephone, room service, food and snacks, refreshments, travel expenses to and from Macedonia.