The lack of commercial tourism makes it a perfect place to get away from it all.


Macedonia is a small but diverse country. 80% of the country is mountainous and 4x4 is the ultimate way to discover this geographically diverse terrain.


Eastern Macedonia has extensive dirt tracks, mountain roads and places to ford through small mountain streams. A true Walhalla Hikinf/trekking and driving your 4x4.

Here roads change fast from easy to Low-gear driving in no-time. We will drive off-Road in the National parks Mavrovo , Galicica en Pelister.

Macedonia has a wealth to offer for the outdoor and historic adventurer. Little of it is easy to find, therefore 4x4 is the ultimate way to discover this geographically diverse terrain.




On the Albanian border we will visit the monastry Sveti Naum , the large lakes Ohrid and Prespa and One night we will sleep high in the mountains at the Monastery Treskovec.


From here we will go to “Mariovo”, this rugged, beautiful area contains mainly dirt track that will take us to the Demir Kapija (Iron Gate) canyon and Berovo on the Bulgarian border.

Besides the breathtaking nature many historical sites offer a glimpse at the rich cultural heritage of the country. We will see many Old villages, medieval churches, monasteries and the archeological sitesBargalaand Stobi .

The variety of flora and fauna is extensive. More than 3500 plants, bears, wolves, lynx, fox, marten, deer,chamois and wildboar. There are 330 kinds of birds in Macedonia, amongst those are vultures and eagles. The most northern population of pelicans in Europe we will see during a boat trip in a small fishing boat to the islandGolum Grad